Jason Esquire  

Over the last 20 years I've discovered that I'm not just selling a service, I'm creating an experience. I consider myself fortunate for having the pleasure of continuing to create memorable experiences for clients via music.

Picture courtesy of  The Mamones   (also featured on GOOP )

Picture courtesy of The Mamones (also featured on GOOP)

Kidd Kraddick Interview, August 2015

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Fort Worth, Texas, Houston and Seattle. These are the places I've lived in my life. I'd like to add Santa Barbara, Ireland and Spain to this list one day. Currently I call the DFW Metroplex my home and I DJ for a living. My DJ life started in 1999 when I met the DJ at my prom and began doing school dances and house parties. A year or so later I started Djing and facilitating weddings and corporate events. The early 2000s were not only great for music but the bar scene was so much different than it is now. I worked up and down Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas at various bars and lounges and ended up with a residency at Whisky Bar for several years. In 2002 I was co-host of The Game Show on 105.3 FM Talk (now The Fan). This had nothing to do with music or DJing but I did learn I never want to work in the cut throat radio world. After moving back from Seattle in 2006 I began DJing full time for an entertainment company that not only provided DJs but casinos, team building and event production. I have the privilege to be one of the few Official Kidd Nation DJs and am honored to represent Kidd Kraddick in the Morning as well as work with some of the best DJs in the US. In 2013 I launched my own business, my friend Don Mamone nick named me the Curator of Beats and I've been doing my best to live up to that name!

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, grocery, or department store and the first thing you noticed was what was playing over the speakers? This is my life. I walk into the Central Market down the road from my house once a week and can’t help but instantly notice what this business has decided to play for everyone. Whether people want to or not, they are actually paying some attention to what’s being played. And when the little old lady grabbing her almond milk starts mouthing the words to "I Wanna Be Your Lover" by Prince, I think, "I need to play this more!" Taking the time to pay attention to what others find entertaining and what they consider to be ‘good music’ is one of the best parts of my job. It's research, and I'm always working. Music is as much in my everyday life as it is my career.

While I enjoy the privilege to mix music for a variety of people and events, I am especially humbled when I have the opportunity to lend a hand (literally) in creating the soundtrack for a couple’s wedding day. It is a deep honor and one that I take to heart as I craft custom music mixes for each couple. Much of my free time is spent hunting down records and practicing mixing genres of music from every decade. This way I can build a truly unique mix that truly everyone can enjoy. 


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