Some things you should know:

  • I use turntables to mix, I don’t let the computer do everything for me. Among other things, this allows me to transition on the fly as the mood on the dance floor changes.
  • I’m a perfect balance between a wedding DJ and a club DJ. Not a hokey guy but definitely not a cocky “I play what I want” type (not that they're all like this but they are out there)..
  • Being aware at all times of what’s going on in the room is important. I’m not just in my own world up there.
  • You don’t have to play smooth jazz during cocktails or dinner. Keep it up beat. They don’t have to be dancing during this time but let’s keep them awake!
  • People are going to request the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle and every other line dance out there. Requests are just that – a request. If it’s not something you want to hear, it won’t be played.
  • I don’t eat while I’m working, I eat before I show up. Photographers are with you all day, they need food! We’re only there up to 7 hours, there’s no need for a full meal and if we are given one … Djs should never eat at their table! If you’re providing vendor meals, ask the venue if there’s a place for them to sit.
  • Dockers aren’t appropriate attire for a Dj at your reception. Neither is a fez.
  • Other than your special list of requests, I don’t create full playlists before events. It’s impersonal. I have an idea of where I’m going and have all the special requests of course but everything I play is based on who’s in front of me. I’m definitely prepared but coming up with an entire list of songs in the order they need to be played before I see who I’m playing for is just … weird.
  • I can help you create the reception that keeps your friends and family talking about for years!